Ellie is Tina, Or more specifically since Tina is her middle name. Ellie Tina ___.

Months ago when we met Tina she was serving coffee that isn’t decaf to two men in a diner. The man who hands the other man the cards leaves, but first he says he’ll be back on January the 15th. I am fairly certain the first man is doing a tarot style reading with cards he’s given by the first man, the reading doesn’t seem to make either of them happy though they don’t discuss it directly.

Then we experience a man going into a store looking for a key, the storekeeper intimates at the end that the man is going to die.

Then we meet the executioner on the Subway.

On January 15th there is a new post, we meet Ellie as a young girl, but as her story is told she morphs into a woman in a diner, a server who is talking to a single male customer.

Ellie is Tina. The customer is the man who received the cards. The man who left who said he’d be back is dead, which is why the customer can’t see him. (his friend didn’t show up and he’s done waiting)

His friend’s ghost is there, we know ghosts are real and the last line of that bit shows that Ellie Tina can see them, because she sees the man that’s not there, the man who said he’d be back on the 15th.

(My alternative reading to that last part is that she’s talking to the ghost of the first man who is waiting for the man with the cards who is still alive to show up, but he doesn’t come. However I don’t think Ellie Tina would be likely to ask a ghost for a tip.)

My 5 cents.

(I’ll leave puzzling out the physical items to others, I’m better with word puzzles myself.)

I also think Tina is probably short for Christina/Christine/Kristina which would make her name Eleanor Christina ___

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